Web Design Ideas For Bold Websites

Award-Winning Websites

If you want to upgrade your website or are building a new website, you need to pay attention to the design. Web design will play a large role in how users interact with the website and how successful it is. If you are unsure where to start with your design, here are some ideas from the Belfast Web Design Agency that you can use to create an exciting and bold website.

Bold Typography

Bold typography or oversized font has been gaining popularity over the years and helps to simplify web design. There are many benefits to using large fonts on your websites including drawing attention to certain items or information. Users are more likely to remember the information you have in large font in the centre of your website.

Of course, when using bold typography, you need to be careful regarding the font family. The text should be easy to read and it is recommended that you use web-safe fonts. These fonts load faster and will work on every browser and platform.

An Asymmetric Layout

Most websites have a grid layout that keeps everything in place. A grid layout will help you place everything on your website with ease, but it is the layout that all your competitors are using. If you want to stand out and have a unique website, you should consider an asymmetric layout.

These layouts break the grid and place their elements with more chaos. Of course, you still need to have a plan behind the placement of all elements and ensure your website is easy to navigate. It is also important to note that asymmetric layouts will not work for all businesses.

If you are creating a professional website such as one for a law firm, you might want to avoid this layout. A grid will work better because of the structure and professionalism it offers. However, if you are creating a website for a creative business or an e-commerce business, an asymmetric layout will work.

3D Designs

3D graphics are something that you should look at incorporating into your web design. These graphics have moved out of the gaming and movie industry and into web design. 3D graphics are more engaging than the standard 2D graphics you generally see on websites.

As with other web design ideas, you will need to determine if 3D graphics work for your business. Professional websites might not benefit from the use of these graphics unless they are in specific industries. However, using 3D graphics can be a great way to introduce your brand story.

Use Custom Images

If 3D designs do not work for your business, you should look at custom images. While stock images are easier to obtain, a large number of websites will have the same images as you. Custom images can be tailored to your brand colours and identity.

Custom images can also help build brand recognition. When someone sees one of your custom images anywhere other than your website, they will be reminded of your business. Custom images are also more likely to be shared because they are unique and different. This will increase the reach of your business.

Winning Web Designs

There are many web design ideas that you should consider before you create or change your website. Being a creative and bold website can help you stand out, but it needs to suit the purpose of the website. Asymmetric layouts should be used by certain businesses while bold typography can be used by any website. Custom images should be used by all businesses while 3D images are better for certain businesses or a specific purpose such as detailing your brand story.