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A Rudimentary Guide to Search Engine Optimization

There is no doubt about how important Search Engine Optimization is to modern businesses. From the largest international corporations to the smallest flower shops and car washes, everyone is getting a piece of the digital market and SEO is the key to cordoning off your share. Most people involved in any way with marketing already know this and

While the importance of SEO can hardly be argued, not everyone is sure what SEO really is or what it is trying to accomplish. Some people have a good understanding of what SEO is and are looking to have this important marketing component integrated into their business dynamics. These business owners often wonder whether having this service performed professionally or personally would be the best route to success.

For the answers to these questions and more, you have come to the right place. In the following post we will be looking at the basics of Search engine Optimization and how your company can get the most of this essential tool for reaching the digital markets.

The Search Engines

You already know what a search engine is, as a matter of fact this article you are reading right now was probably brought to your attention through the power of a search engine. Bing, Yahoo!, and Google, as well as many other search engines, work to match internet users to the information they are looking for. This affects online marketing in a very big way.

Search engines work with “crawlers”, which can be described as librarians that run around the Internet indexing and categorizing websites so they can be provided to users looking for that specific website. These websites will be listed in order of relevance to the keywords they contain and presented as such when a user searches for any specific query containing those specific keywords.

Consider how this will play in a modern shopping experience. A search query like “best doughnuts Riverside” could produce hundreds of thousands of results. The search engine will apply advanced algorithms and intuitive-technology to filter out the sites discussing the history and philosophy of the doughnut and provide information on the businesses most likely to be offering this tasty food product – which is what the user was most-likely looking for.

To accomplish this awesome task, search engines must be constantly sorting, indexing and comparing sites to see which have the most relevance they have to search queries. This is where the savvy modern merchant can take advantage of the search engine’s goals of providing users with the best online experience possible to have their products, services and options presented to their target audience.

This is where the “optimization” part comes into play.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a term used to describe a gamut of techniques and practices designed to improve the rankings of a website in relation to the keywords and terms used to describe the information provided therein. This ensures that the search engines will present this website as relevant more often and higher in their search results pages (SERPS).

So, a doughnut shop in Riverside, might consider using keywords like “doughnut”, “bear claws” or “Riverside” as their keywords. This is smart because they are all very descriptive. The problem is that the competition for these keywords will be very high and getting seen above the competition can seem like an impossible feat.

But, the solution lies in those practices and techniques applied by professional SEO adjusters, like the SEO Agency Belfast. These will allow the website to improve in relevance to the keywords chosen. Some of the techniques might be applied to the site itself. “On-Site SEO” could improve loading times, user experience or the way the site is indexed by the search engines.

“Off-Site SEO” will work to attract more consumers through other locations on the web. By linking the site to specially chosen web locations the site not only gets more attention from human visitors but appears more authoritative to search engines.